Quote Wednesday — Chagall

17 Nov

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” — Chagall

What are my favorite pieces of art?  I love neoclassical pieces, impressionism, renaissance portraits.  I find beauty in the realistic.  Modern abstract paintings hold very little appeal.  I want to see a reflection of reality, but I better reflection.  The painting must be idealized.  It must pick “up where nature ends” as Chagall alludes to.  I want to see a approximation of perfection.  A dream, maybe, but very enjoyable to the senses.

So, here are a few pieces that have caught my eye.

The Cupid Seller — Joseph Marie Vien

Liberty Leading the People — Delacroix

Angelica Kauffman Self-Portrait

Jan Van Eyck — Arnolfini Wedding

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres — Grand Odalisque

Antonio Canova — Cupid and Psyche

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