Highlight of the Week — Holiday Recap

28 Nov

What a crazy couple of days… We did a lot, but didn’t do a lot.  We we busy, but not that busy.   We had some great moments and some not so great moments.  It was a typical holiday week for us.  For this week’s “Highlight of the Week” I’ve decided to do a huge recap of the holiday activities.


Our city has a huge tradition on the night before Thanksgiving.  The Santa and his reindeer display, Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, and other lights are lit with much fanfare and local celebrities.  Starting two years ago, my mother and stepdad started taking the boys down for the ceremony.  This year all of us were going to go.  We had a plan to go to Coney Island (right next to the Santa display) before the lighting and then walk around downtown partaking of the free hot chocolate and cookies before heading back to the block for the actual lighting.  Sounds great!

And then reality hit… we live in Indiana and guess what happens in Indiana in November…  It does one of three things: 1) drops 30 degrees the day of, 2) experiences a blizzard, 3) rains.  Well this year, we experienced two of the three happenings.  Tuesday the temperature was around 50 degrees, Wednesday the temperature was 34 degrees.  And it rained, all day and all night.

We made it to Coney Island fairly early.  We ate and then had around an hour and a half to walk around and enjoy the sights.  But it was freezing and raining.  So, we decided to get back into the car and drive around until the time was right.  We popped by the skating rink to watch for a little while.  N decided that he wants to learn how to ice skate, preferably this Wednesday.  We will go, but now need to find time.  We wasted enough time, and it was time to get back downtown.

The speeches and singing took forever, but finally the switches were flipped and Santa was lit.  Since we had been standing in the rain for over an hour by this time, we made the executive decision to go home.  We saw the lights, we enjoyed the festivities, but it was time to get warm and dry.


We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at home.  Thirty family members crammed into one house with ridiculous amounts of food and football.  Typical holiday.


We made it to the bf’s parents for Thanksgiving.  Had a nice lazy morning before heading over at 4 for dinner.  Had a nice Thanksgiving dinner.  The boys behaved themselves, played with the dogs and some cars.  Nice fairly lazy day.


Mom and the step dad took the boys to Science Central to see the train exhibit.  They had a barrel of fun.  It was all they could do to stop talking about the trains.  The parents had a dinner to go to so we were on our for dinner.  The bf and I decided that sushi sounded amazing.  Now to get the boys to like sushi.  They had teryaki chicken.  Took a long time for N to try it, but then he proceeded to eat all the mushrooms.  I enjoyed the dinner.

Later I went to see a favorite band with the bff.  We had  great time and enjoyed some ridiculous music  The usual.  Good night.


Did nothing and loved it!


Watching N do his crazy robot dance in the pouring rain waiting for Santa to be lit.  It was priceless!  Really wish I had had my camera, but since it was raining, the camera was back in the car.  Nonetheless, the dance was awesome!  Made my week.

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