Highlight of the Week — School Program

19 Dec

On Wednesday, the boys had their school Christmas program.  Although I picked the program for my highlight of the week, I have mixed feelings about the program itself.

The Bad

For whatever reason, the school decided that the Christmas program would be a patriotic tribute to America.  No Christmas songs, no Frosty, no Santa, no nothing.  It was full of every patriotic song I knew and many I didn’t know.  We all expected to hear some carols, maybe a song about snow, hopefully an audience sing along.  But what did we get?   This Land is Your Land and the Star-Spangled Banner.  My grandmother decided not to come because of the songs being sung.  She wanted Christmas and so did I.

The Good

Even with the nonChristmas music, all the kids did such a good job.  They were adorable.  There were cowboy kids and stepping kids.  Kids with little speaking parts and kids with cute barbershop choreography.  Although A definitely was a step behind on the choreography. he said he loved dancing and singing.  N look so cute in his barbershop hat taking a bow after his song.  N’s class (who I help during the week) looked so finished and sophisticated in their performance.  As a bonus, they all mobbed me when I dropped off and picked up N from the cafeteria.  They had to confirm that I thought they did well.  So adorable!  I love watching little kids perform.

Added fun: The finale unintentionally sung in a round was the hilarity of the night!

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