The Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson

06 Jan

Title: The Royal Treatment

Author: MaryJanice Davidson

Publisher: Brava (Kensington Publishing Corp.) 2004

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 268

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Contemporary Romance; Support Your Local Library; A to Z Authors: D

I’ve not read much contemporary romance that didn’t have an paranormal aspect to it, so this is definitely new to me.  If the rest are like this book, I am going to love the genre!

I found the characters likable and real.  Each had faults, but that made them more likable.  There’s nothing worse than a character who’s seemingly perfect.  How is the reader supposed to connect with someone who doesn’t have any problems?  They can’t and it usually makes the book boring.  Davidson allows her characters (even the love interests) to be interesting.  And because of that interestingness (I know not a word, but I like it) the reader connects to them.

The story itself is fun: an adventure in romance and royalty.  The universe Davidson created does differ from our own in that Alaska is a separate country ruled by a royal family.  But that’s more of a plot device instaed of an aspect of fantasy.  The plot is classic: lost girl, seemingly stuffy guy, meddling family, aspects of danger, and a romance all thrown into one.

I really like this book and saw that Davidson made a trilogy all set in this slightly alternative universe.  I picked up the other two books: The Royal Pain and The Royal Kiss and plan on reading them next!  Then I think it’s time to move to real fantasy or science fiction or maybe even zombies for a change of pace.

Alaskan Royal Family

  1. The Royal Treatment
  2. The Royal Pain
  3. The Royal Mess


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