Worst Movie Choice

21 Jan

Yesterday I had a free Redbox rental and the boys and I were going to be in for the night (single digits!), so I stopped.  I got Nanny McPhee Returns for the boys.  Great movie! Family fun and a good message.  Plus Emma Thompson is just way awesome.  Lovely cozy night with the boys.  And then they went to bed.

I had got myself my own movie.  I had wanted to see Going the Distance when it was in theaters, but never got around it.  It just came out on video, so I thought, why not?

Turns out it was the worst movie choice ever.  Not because of the movie itself.  It was a fairly good movie.  The characters were good, the plot well constrcted, and good visuals.  It was the worst movie choice because it reminded me of my life.  The long distance relationship… worst situation in life.  I’ve been in a long distance relationship for awhile now (it’s really depressing to say a number).  The plan was for me to move in the fall… last fall.  However, that plan fell through (details are very frustrating) and it was pushed to Christmas.  That plan fell through also.  And now I’m still stuck in limbo and in a long distance relationship.  And all this movie did was remind me of the all sadness.  This just sucks.  I won’t give away the ending, but the ending really doesn’t matter.  The bulk of the movie just made me sad.

So I have to say… worst movie choice!  And I need to go make a phone call.  I miss somebody way too much.

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