Bite Me by Christopher Moore

25 Jan

Title: Bite Me

Author: Christopher Moore

Publisher: HarperCollins 2010

Genre: Vampires

Pages: 309

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Vampires; Local Library

Another fun vampire story from Moore.  This time told mainly from the perspective of Abby Normal (minion to Jody and Tommy in You Suck) and involved the threat of vampire cats (yes, you read that right, vampire cats).  Interesting twist to the traditional vampire stories.  Vampire cats roam the streets of San Francisco eating the homeless population and generally creating a scary threat.  I am no fan of cats myself and can see the general horror if the population of feral cats were turned into vampire kitties.  I would be screaming my way out of town in a hurry.  Even with the creep out factor, the book was hilarious.  I thoroghly enjoyed the romp.

The only downside: the voice of Abby Normal got very annoying after a while.  I felt like I was back to reading back student papers with all the text language and “kayso”s thrown in.  It was a cute gimmick in You Suck, but after awhile I longed for an adult (or even semi adult) voice to take over.  Thankfully Abby’s wasn’t the only voice.  Moore did allow some of the other characters to narrate chapaters and sections of chapters.  For this slight annoyance, I had to knock off a point.  I just didn’t devour this book like I did the other two. But still, a great read!

Love Story

  1. Bloodsucking Fiends
  2. You Suck
  3. Bite Me


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