Valentine’s Day is Killing Me

07 Feb

Title: Valentine’s Day is Killing Me

Author: MaryJanice Davidson, Leslie Esdaile, Susanna Carr

Publisher: Kensington 2006

Genre: Romance

Pages: 295

Rating: 3 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Support Your Local Library; February Romance Month; A to Z Titles: V

Another short story compilation, this time Valentine’s Day themed.  Like almost every compilation I pick up, I like some of the stories, and not some of the stories.  This one included:

  • Cuffs and Coffee Breaks by MaryJanice Davidson — Already love Davidson and this story was a fun adventure “who dun it.”  The only think that I didn’t like was the logic with the crime featured.  It seemed a little convuluted, more like a plot device than a real crime.  The two main characters were fun and likable.  Overall I did like this story.
  • A “No Drama” Valentine’s by Leslie Esdaile — Just could not get into this story at all.  Maybe it was the writing, maybe the characters, maybe the plot.  I just didn’t enjoy reading this one.
  • Valentine Survivor by Susanna Carr — Fairly interesting story, fairly interesting characters.  I give this one a middle grade, not amazing, but not horrible.  The main character was a little too neurotic for my tastes.

A fairly decdent Valentine’s Day themed compilation.  Maybe I’ll pick up another one this month.  Until then, I’m going to move to a book recommended by a friend.  It’s a little heavier in tone, but she says it was amazing.

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