Hello, Gorgeous! by MaryJanice Davidson

03 Mar

Title: Hello, Gorgeous!

Author: MaryJanice Davidson

Publisher: Brava 2005

Genre: Cyborg Romance

Pages: 195

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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Okay pretty entertaining.  Not a “stay-with-me-forever” read, but definitely fun for a day read.  I enjoyed Davidson’s Alaskan Royalty trilogy.  This was the beginning of the Cyborg series. Like the Royal series, this was one was funny.  Full of crazy adventures, quirky characters, and funny dialogue.  I really liked the main character, Caitlyn.  She’s just wild enough, but still likeable.

I started the second book, but just couldn’t get into it.  I eventually stopped reading it after about 70 pages.  Just like the Royal series, there was a wild difference in likeability.  Oh well, on to the next book.

Cyborg series

  1. Hello, Gorgeous
  2. Drop Dead, Gorgeous

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