Love Finds You in Sisters, Oregon by Melody Carlson

28 Apr

Title: Love FInds You in Sisters, Oregon

Author: Melody Carlson

Publisher: Summerside Press 2009

Genre: Christian fiction

Pages: 320

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

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Another volume in the Love Finds You series.  Another that I liked.  A fun little read for rainy days.  (And it’s been raining for a weeks straight.)  I like how the author set her book in her town.  Even though I am a city girl through and through, Carlson made the small town of Sisters, Oregon actually appealing.  I kind of want to visit.  Visit, I said, not move there.  The characters were fun and colorful.  I really felt the depth of emotion connected to the story.  My only problem: once again we get  sickeningly sweet and happy ending.  The family went from fighting and bitterness to happiness in about a week.  Definitely does not happen that quick in real life.  And the book ended with a marriage proposal (it’s not a spoiler, I saw it coming from the first 20 pages) after only a few weeks of dating.  Another quick wrap-up.  Overall, I liked the story.  I just could do without the last chapter.

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