The Living Dead 2 edited by John Joseph Adams

09 May

Title: The Living Dead 2

Edited by: John Joseph Adams

Publisher: Night Shade Books 2010

Genre: Zombies

Pages: 496

Rating: 4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Support Your Local Library; May Read and Review; Zombies

Another day, another anthology.  But this one features my favorite: ZOMBIES!  According to the editor, John Joseph Adams, this anthology gives the newest of the new running the full spectrum of stories.  It definitely delivered.  I loved so many of these stories.  I like almost all of the stories.  I only disliked a couple.  Out of 43, I would say 40 were enjoyable.  That is quite a score for an anthology.

Here were my absolute favorites:

  • Seth Lindberg “Twenty-Three Snapshots of San Francisco” — Interesting way to show live before and after the zombie apocalypse.  I connected with the characters without them ever speaking.  Great concept!  Really hit home.  Loved it.
  • Karina Sumner-Smith “When the Zombies Win” — What would the world be like after the zombies win (and they will, don’t kid yourself, they won’t stop)?  According to Sumner-Smith, it’s a pretty depressing place.  A philosophical look at the world.  I like it.
  • David Wellington “Good People” — Classic survivor tale set in the desert in a motel.  A group goes out to check out the surrounding area.  This is going to well, right?  Watch out for the twist at the end.  A character finally realizes the definition of “good people.”  Instant classic!
  • Brian Keene “Lost Canyon of the Dead” — Zombies, cowboys, and dinosaurs…. need I saw more?
  • Cherie Priest “Reluctance” — Set in the same world as Boneshaker (which I own, but haven’t read yet.  steampunk fun!) during the American Civil War.  Classic story with a steampunk twist.
  • Bret Hammond “Rural Dead” — How would the Amish deal with the zombie apocalypse?  Hammond tries to answer with a great short story.
Loving me some zombies this week.  But this book definitely took me longer to read than I anticipated.  I need to be more focused in my reading.  I am going to commit myself to reading at least 1 hour day.  Hopefully that will get me back on track.  Next up: I’m thinking a romance.  As much as I love zombies, I think I need a bit of a break after 43 zombie stories.


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