The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryn

23 May

Title: The Dead-Tossed Waves

Author: Carrie Ryan

Publisher: Delacorte Press 2010

Genre: Young Adult, Zombies

Pages: 404

Rating:  5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Support Your Local Library; May Read and Review; Zombies

A companion novel to The Forest and Hands and Teeth.  Sort of a sequel, but not a sequel.  I loved it. Not quite as much as the first one, but definitely a lot.   Thought it was interesting that the main character in this book, Gabry, wants most of all to stay within her little fenced in world.  She doesn’t want to leave, explore the world beyond.  Mary in TFHT wants nothing more than to get away from her fences.  I liked the reversal of motivation between the two main characters.  Of course, circumstances create difficulties for Gabry and she isn’t allowed to stay in her little fenced in world.  In a way the plot was predictable.  I guessed the main events throughout, but that’s okay.  The book really isn’t about the events.  It’s about the people and their relationships.  I loved seeing how Gabry responded and grew.  I definitely like Gabry more than I liked Mary.  Mary was fairly selfish and some of the things she said and did, I wanted to scream at her.  Gabry is much more of a liakable person.  Sure, she’s a coward, but she also has this need to take care of others.  I think that was the point that I connected to her as a person.

Overall, a definite must read!  Now I have to enter the land of library holds to read the third book, The Dark and Hollow Places.  Hope it’s as good as the first two.

Forest of Hands and Teeth

  1. The Forest of Hands and Teeth
  2. The Dead-Tossed Waves
  3. The Dark and Hollow Places
  4. Hare Moon — novella


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