The Outlaw’s Bride by Catherine Palmer

20 Jun

Title: The Outlaw’s Bride

Author: Catherine Palmer

Publisher: Steeple Hill 2010

Genre: Christian historical romance

Pages: 277

Rating:   3 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Support Your Local Library; Summer Romance – Historical Fiction

Not a horrible romance, but definitely not one of my favorites.  My main issue with this one: the main female character.  Isobel Matas was just too annoying.  I couldn’t get over her annoying persistence for revenge to the point of danger.  The male lead, Noah, was a much more endearing character.  I liked him, but her, no way.  And that was the problem with the book.  I couldn’t get overally excited about the book because I couldn’t connect to the character.

Other than that, the story was fairly decent.  It was more of an adventure than a straight romance and that was the part that I liked.  I just couldn’t get into it completely without the character connection.  Really that’s all I have to say about this book…

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