Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons I Hate Moving

19 Jul

Top Ten Tuesday’s topic was “Books You Believe Should Be Required Reading for Teens.”  I just couldn’t think of any.  My brain is not working well this week.  Instead, I thought of my own Top Ten this week.  As I just moved from Indiana to Nebraska two weeks ago, I present:

Top Ten Reasons I Hate Moving

1. Realizing how much crap I have — I organized my things.  I had multiple trips to the Goodwill drop-off.  I filled many garbage bags.  And yet, I still have a mountain of crap.  How did I acquire all this stuff?  Now I have to go through it again.  Weed out the important (I found the boys’ savings bonds and my birth certificate, could come in handy), trash the trash.  Finally, I have to figure out where to put all this crap.  J definitely doesn’t have enough room or storage areas.

2. Dust bunnies — While loading and unloading the truck and unpacking, I sneezed almost constantly.  Two days after moving, I got a cold.  I blame you dust bunnies.  Left to your own devices, you’ve taken over my stuff.  You’ve irritated my nose and eyes and royally pissed off my immune system.  Be warned, I bought a Swiffer.  Your end is coming.

3. Losing stuff —  How is it that I pack everything I own in boxes and  still misplace things while unpacking?  It never fails.  it used to be that my toys would go “missing” every time I moved as a child.  I believed my mom when she said things just got misplaced.  In my teen years, I swore that she threw my stuff away every move.  Now, I don’t know.  I’ve lost things in this move.  Hopefully they will turn up, but I don’t have much hope.

4. Cardboard box paper cuts — They are so much worse than regular writing paper cuts.

5. DMV crap — Why exactly does the DMV have to kill me?  They make it so hard to get a driver’s license.  I can’t even figure out all the forms I need to bring.  It’s like a secret association.  I feel like I need the code word to actually talk to a human being and get a straight answer.  I’m dreading having to go this week.

6. Mail forwarding — I changed my address online with the USPS.  I got a confirmation; J got a confirmation.  And yet, I don’t think the USPS has actually forwarded my mail.  This is just the most ridiculous system ever.

7. New crap — It never fails.  You move but somehow you have to buy more crap.  The first day here, I realized J had no cleaning supplies (typical bachelor guy), ~7 hangers, no furniture for the boys.  So we went shopping.  Great fun!  I like shopping, but not this kind of shopping.

8. Locations — One of the first things I did… look up the locations of nearby grocery stores, Target, Old Navy, bookstores, and fast food restaurants.  Essential places to know.  Driving around this week, every time I’ve seen something interesting, I have to make a mental note of where this crap is.

9. New friends — J has some friends, I’ve met them.  They’re awesome, but now I have to actually make friends with people without J.  Very hard for a shy person like me.

10. Coffeehouses and bars — Two essentials for me.  I still need to find a good comfy coffeehouse.  I’m really missing Firefly right now.  And I need to find a comfy quirky bar with good alcohol.  Another difficult task.

Honorable mention: Bruises — I bruise at the drop of a hat.  So imagine me attempting to pack and unpack boxes and load and unload the truck.  I have bruises everywhere.  I’m still finding them.  And most I’m assuming I got while moving, but I can’t actually remember how I got them.

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