One Wicked Mistake by Emma Wildes

22 Jul

Title: One Wicked Mistake (Notorious Bachelors #2)

Author: Emma Wildes

Publisher: Signet Eclipse 2010

Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 298

Rating:   4.5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Summer Romance – Historical

When blackmail turns to murder, Madeline May turns to the notorious Viscount Altea, a man used to dealing with men of ill repute, and a man she despises with every fiber of her being.

From the very moment of their first meeting-and one unforgettable night of passion-Luke Daudet knew she was different. And when he received her fateful entreaty, he knew he would not be able to stay away… — From

Definitely liked this one more than the first in the trilogy, My Lord Scandal.  That said, it wasn’t the absolute best historical romance that I’ve read.  Hmmm… how to describe this one?  A bit of predictable romance.  Oh come on, based off of the description above everyone knows Luke and Madeleine will end up together.  Thankfully, there was political intrigue going back to the Napoleonic Wars.  We also have an interesting side story about Luke’s younger sister and their cousin Miles.  Plus, we get a very unconventional older sister, Regina!  I loved her so much!  And we get lots of sex scenes.  And when I see a lot, I mean like every two chapters a hot sex scene to enjoy or skip depending on your preferences.  Finally, thankfully our main female lead wasn’t a naive chit, but an experienced young and interesting widow.  Phew… I thought I was getting really bored with the trilogy, but it definitely redeemed itself.  Must read the third one now…

Notorious Bachelors
1. My Lord Scandal 
2. Our Wicked Mistake 
3. His Sinful Secret 


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