His Sinful Secret by Emma Wildes

25 Jul

Title: His Sinful Secret (Notorious Bachelors #3)

Author: Emma Wildes

Publisher: Signet Eclipse 2010

Genre: Historical Romance

Pages: 291

Rating:  4.5  / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Summer Romance – Historical

Betrothed to one brother, then married to another, Julianne Sutton finds herself a pawn in an unknown game. The enigmatic new Marquess of Longhaven knows all about the art of deception but he’s baffled by innocence. His new wife is trusting, lovely, and utterly bewitching. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that she has secrets of her own. As he battles a ruthless enemy, he quickly learns that love has an entirely different set of rules.

This series just got better and better for me.  I liked the first one, but wasn’t ecstatic about it.  I really liked the second one.  And I loved the third one.  I think it boils down to the male characters.  Alex St. James seemed too nice, too gentlemanly (even if he was a rogue).  Luke Daudet was interesting, but fairly bland.  But Michael Hepburn has secrets.  He’s cool, mysterious, controlled, yet charming.  I found him irresistible.  (And I’m not even a 19th century debutante.)  The story was intriguing.  I didn’t guess the big secret until the very end.  it held my attention even through the sex scenes.  And they were numerous.  Fairly well done, but I admit that I skimmed through most of them.  I wanted to get back to the story.  That was much more interesting.  I definitely recommend for fans of historical romance with a dash of action and suspense.

Notorious Bachelors
1. My Lord Scandal 
2. Our Wicked Mistake 
3. His Sinful Secret 


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