Scoundrel by Zoe Archer

08 Sep

Title: Scoundrel (Blades of the Rose #2)

Author: Zoe Archer

Publisher: Zebra 2010

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pages: 400

Rating:    5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Summer Romance – Paranormal; Books Around the World (Greek)

How I Got It: I own it! (from the Borders closing sale)

London Harcourt’s father is bent on subjugating the world’s magic to British rule. But since London is a mere female, he hasn’t bothered to tell her so. He’s said only that he’s leading a voyage to the Greek isles. No matter, after a smothering marriage and three years of straitlaced widowhood, London jumps at the opportunity – unfortunately, right into the arms of Bennett Day. Bennett is a ladies’ man, when he’s not dodging lethal attacks to protect the powers of the ancients from men like London’s father. Sometimes, he’s a ladies’ man even when he is dodging them. But the minute he sees London he knows she will require his full attention. The woman is lovely, brilliant, and the only known speaker of a dialect of ancient Greek that holds the key to calling down the wrath of the gods. Bennett will be risking his life again – but around London, what really worries him is the danger to his heart…

A great addition to the series.  I loved this one so much!  The characters! The culture!  The adventure! The magic!

Bennett Day made his appearance in Warrior and I just knew who was going to be a great character.  A rogue but one with a sense of honor.  He treats women as equals not the delicate flowers most men of the time saw.  I loved that in his character.  I think I fell in love with him right from the beginning.  London is an interesting case.  While she starts as that delicate flower, inside she has a thirst for knowledge and adventure.  Once she figures out how to satisfy that thirst, she goes after it.  I liked that.  She’s innocent in many ways, but open to new experiences.  And Athena is just awesome.  A witch from a matriarchal clan.  She reminds me of the Amazons: strong, independent, not needing a man.

The story was full of adventure, danger, and riddles (of course).  I loved the journey through the Greek Isles to the hidden islands and ruins.  The descriptions were amazing.  I really felt like I was on a boat in the beautiful Aegean Sea.  And of course, Greek mythological creatures made their appearances.  My favorite was the Nereids.  Such fun!  And the hidden creature at the top of the island.  I won’t give away who it is, but after reading it, it completely makes sense.  I just love this story!

Blades of the Rose

  1. Warrior 
  2. Scoundrel
  3. Rebel
  4. Stranger


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