A to Z Movies: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

16 Sep

Title: Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Year Released/Rating: 2005 PG-13

Starring: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Vince Vaughn, Adam Brody

Directed By: Doug Liman

Written By: Simon Kinberg

Star Rating:  4/5 stars

Trivia: When Jane is going to her first shown kill, she correctly answers a question from the quiz show Jeopardy!. This was unscripted and spur of the moment on the part of Jolie.

Extra Trivia: When the Smiths are holding hostage “The Tank”,Adam Brody’s character, he is wearing a t-shirt from the 1999 “Fight Club” movie,in which Brad Pitt played one of his most well known roles,Tyler Durden.

J’s pick tonight.  I voted for lighter action.  Something not too serious, but with some good dialogue and action sequences.  And we picked Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  I especially love the dialogue and looks in this movie.  Jolie and Pitt have an awesome way of communicating without speaking.  I love it!  And we get Vince Vaughn popping in here and there h some great lines.  Overall, a good fun lighter action film.

Best Bits: 

Eddie: Tell me you got smart and that you killed that lying bitch.
Jane Smith: This lying bitch?
Eddie: Guess that was just wishful thinking.
John Smith: [angry that Benjamin had blown their cover] You burn the picture after you get the assignment! It’s the first thing you learn!
Benjamin: Oh, I must have missed that day. Just like you missed the one about not marrying the enemy.
John Smith: Web of lies!
John Smith: [just before running over an assassin with the minivan] These fuckers get younger every year.
Jane Smith: Any last words?
John Smith: The new curtains are hideous.
Martin Coleman: Shame about the red oak.

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