A to Z Movies: Pleasantville

20 Sep

Title: Pleasantville

Year Released/Rating: 1998 PG-13

Starring: Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Daniels, Joan Allen

Directed By: Gary Ross

Written By: Gary Ross

Star Rating:   5/5 stars

Trivia: The Native American in the test pattern behind Don Knotts changes to angry and then sad as the movie progresses.

Extra Trivia: For the sequence where Bud is applying the gray makeup to his mother, the color of the makeup was actually green. When they had to “black-and-white” the scene, the shades of green came out the best for the appropriate shades of her “gray” make-up. Conversely, when Betty first visits the soda shop, she is in full gray makeup which meant that Joan Allen was shot wearing full green make-up that is subsequently removed by Bill Johnson (Jeff Daniels).

This movie is just beautiful.  I love the story, the characters, the dialogue, the colors.  It’s just an amazing movie.  I love every scene.  And I forgot how much I loved this one until J picked it for tonight’s movie.  Now I remember.  And I’m so glad I did remember.

Best Bits: 

David: They’re happy like this.
Jennifer: No, David. Nobody’s happy in a poodle skirt and a sweater set.
Jennifer: [looking at boobs in mirror] I could, like, kill a guy with these things.
Skip: I don’t know if I ever told you this before, but I think you’re just about the keenest girl in the whole school!
Jennifer: Oh, really Skip? The keenest?
Jennifer: This place gives me the creeps! Did you know that the books are blank?
David: What?
Jennifer: Yeah, I was in the library and I looked, and they have covers and there’s nothing inside of them.
David: What were you doing in a library?
Jennifer: I got lost.
Jennifer: Look at me! I’m pasty!
[Pleasantville’s first-ever rainstorm]
Big Bob: Well, we’re safe for now. Thank goodness we’re in a bowling alley.

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