Day Zero Project: Week 1 Update

24 Sep

Instead of daily posts, I thought it would be a lot easier for me and you if I did weekly update posts.  These will track my progress each week.  I will highlight what I’ve done, what I want to do, and any interesting tidbits.  Sometimes I’ll add pictures and/or links.  Hopefully these posts will keep me accountable to my list…

What I Did This Week

22. Keep a journal for this project — Obviously an ongoing goal. I got a beautiful black soft cover journal to use.  I am determined to journal at least a bit each day.
6. See all of IMDB’s Top 250 movies (2/250)

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind — Adore Miyazaki films and this one was stunning.  Not Howl’s Moving Castle stunning, but still pretty amazing.
  • Star Trek (2009) — Read my review

11. Watch 10 foreign films (1/10)

  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Japanese)
15. See 101 new movies (2/101)
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
  • Super
17. Write a letter to myself to be opened at the end of 1001 days — A weird letter to write, but I did it.  Left myself a little note at the beginning of the journal to revisit at the end of the time period.
19. Blog 1001 times (13/1001)
32. Read my height in books — This week’s height:  4.5 in So far: 4.5 in
66. Save $5 for every task completed — $15 this week
67. Sell something on eBay — Sold a few collectable dolls, collectable plates, and a Vera Bradley purse.  Feeling glad to make a bit of money and get rid of stuff laying around.
55. Try 30 new recipes (1/30) — Fish tacos with red beans and rice (see Weekly Meal Plan #8)
64. Get a piggy bank —  a pretty shiny silver one!
31. Finish 30 reading challenges (1/30) — Summer Romance Reading Challenge Finished

What I Plan to Do Next Week

Obviously I am going to continue all the ongoing goals listed above.  More movies, journaling, and reading… heaven!  I also want to start finalizing the monthly goals so I can have a plan.  I always feel beter if I have a good game plan.

Monthly Goal

None — I wanted a breather month to organize and plan.  I do love my lists!

Overall Progress

3 / 101

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