A to Z Movies: Waiting

03 Oct

Title: Waiting

Year Released/Rating: 2005 R

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Justin Long, Anna Faris,

Directed By: Rob McKittrick

Written By: Rob McKittrick

Star Rating: 5 /5 stars

Trivia: The “foreign” guests at the bar speak German with Austrian accent and the guy says, “Did you see the blonde girl? That’s unbelievable, her breasts are incredible!”

We’ve continued our Justin Long and Ryan Reynolds movie-a-thon.  Somehow we are totally fixated on the dry wit and sarcasm.  I absolutely love it.  Too beautiful!  And all the side characters are absolutely amazing. My favorite: Chi McBride as Bishop.  The resident philosophic dishwasher is genius.  I can’t get enough of this movie.  (Just don’t watch the sequel… not very funny.)  We’re thinking of wrapping up the letters with Zoolander.  Another crazy quirky comedy to add to the collection.

Best Bits: 

Floyd: [to Mitch] Welcome to Thunderdome, Bitch.
Monty: That’s Naomi. And she’s been working here WAY too long. But she’s actually a pretty sweet girl… when she’s drunk.
Floyd: We almost had to move it up to the 10 second rule!
Bishop: You need to invent your own penis-showin’ game.
Mitch: All Right. Fuck this, I Quit
Mitch: [looks around the room, sees Floyd] You. You are the biggest piece of shit at this entire restaurant. I hope you burn in hell.
Floyd: Me? What the fuck did I ever do to you? I mean seriously.
Calvin: You really are an asshole
Monty: Shenaniganz
Dean: Hey Floyd, no bacon on that salad.
Floyd: [Looks at Dean and speaks with a southern twang] Yes massa, ain’t gon’ be no bacon on the salad
[Cook starts whipping Floyd with a towel while Floyd starts singing devotional-style]
Floyd: Oh lord, no bacon… No bacon the salad…

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