The Boys: Highland Laddie

25 Oct

Title: The Boys Vol 8: Highland Laddie

Author: Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, and John McCrea

Publisher: Dynamite 2011

Genre: Graphic Novel

Pages: 144

Rating: 5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: None

How I Got It: J owns it

Out of Dynamite Entertainment’s critically acclaimed title, The Boys, comes a special story featuring everyone’s favorite pint-sized Scotsman, Hughie, with The Boys: Highland Laddie, written by Garth Ennis, with covers by Darick Robertson and art by Herogasm artist John McCrea. Mind reeling from recent events in The Boys, Wee Hughie heads home to Auchterladle – the semi-idyllic Scottish seaside town where he grew up. All Hughie wants is some time to himself, to return to the bosom of family and friends, and get his head together after two years of unimaginable chaos. But our hero’s luck has always been more cloud than silver lining, and the familiar surroundings he craves are not all they might be. You can go home again, but with old pals warped beyond recognition and strangers in town up to no good, whether or not you should is another matter entirely. Collecting issues #1-6 of the Highland Laddie series, along with a complete cover gallery.

Another interesting volume.  This one focused completely on Hughie.  I loved seeing him in his hometown with his parents and old friends.  I guess I didn’t realize that he was adopted.  Did I miss that in a previous volume?  Or was that a new reveal in this one?  Hmmm… anyway it gives a bit of information that helps to explain why Hughie is the way he is.  I also liked the reappearance of Annie.  He still hasn’t revealed his big secret, but they’ve had a great talk about superheroes and lost dreams.  And there’s a big secret revealed at the end.  I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s something I’ve suspected might happen and was excited at how they did it.  Really interesting!

The Boys:


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