NaNoWriMo Begins!

01 Nov

I am crazy.  There’s no other explanation.  I have committed myself to attempting NaNoWriMo this year.  Like today!  How did I get myself into this?  Short answer: I signed up.  Long answer: a bit more of a journey.

I always have tons of ideas floating in my head.  As a child, I used to tell myself stories to fall asleep.  I told stories to my dolls, my dog, any and all toys.  I was constantly retelling stories I heard and making up a few of my own.  I loved it.  And then I grew up.  Writing and story telling become a thing of the past.  When I taught history, I loved telling the stories of history.  I loved giving some exposition, describing characters, creating a conflict, and sometimes pointing out a conclusion.  History of full of stories and I loved each and every one of them.  Unfortunately, I am not teaching anymore.  I don’t have a good outlet for my storytelling.  So I told myself I was going to start writing more.  It started with this blog.  I began to document my life, my reading, and my stories.  I have failed at the story aspect.  I’ve written only a few fiction pieces.  But the stories persist. 

And so, I signed myself up to complete NaNoWriMo.  I have a short story “The Place That Bordered Death” that I wrote for a creative writing class in college.  I’ve always loved that story and think there’s more than a few pages in there.  I’m going to attempt to expand the story.  The core of the story will stay the same, but I will be adding characters, scenes, flashbacks, descriptions to try and fill it out. 

I might be absolutely off my rocker, but I’m going to try and do it.  Fellow NaNoWriMo participants come find me.  My username is TFrances. 

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