Holiday Card Exchange

03 Nov

From BirdBrain(ed) Book Blog:

It’s that time of the year! I’m hosting the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange once more (see the 2010 post here) and I’m hoping this year will go much more smoothly. Last year was fun but it took me forever to come up with partners; this year I’ve simplified things so hopefully I won’t have people getting more cards than they send out again.


1. Sign up for the exchange by November 30, 2011.
2. Partners go out December 3, 2011.
3. You have until December 13, 2011 to send your card(s).
4. Since it’s a book-lovers card exchange you have to include something book-related in your card. Some ideas:

    a. Write about a book you’ve read recently
    b. Give a few book recommendations to your partner
    c. Tell a book-related story
    d. Something else book-related that you think up yourself.

5. Since this is a book blogger holiday card exchange, you need to be a blogger who blogs at least sometimes about books to participate.
6. The swap is open internationally. Since last year I got a big headache trying to pair up people who did/did not want to send internationally, this year everyone must be willing to send internationally. Okay? Okay.
7. You can exchange up to five cards. You won’t always get a card from the same people you send your cards to. It will nevertheless be an awesome thing.

Some Things to Remember

1. You HAVE to send a card. A card is something like this. You can make it yourself or buy it at the store. Everything you write must be contained in the card itself. Letters are not cards. The card doesn’t have to be book-themed OR holiday themed (but it might be nice if it was). I would personally refrain from sending specifically religious-themed cards, because that sort of thing tends to offend people, even if you didn’t mean to offend them.
2. You HAVE to write something book-related in your card (see above). You can’t just say “happy holidays.” You COULD just write a list of books and that’s all, but I don’t think that’d be a lot of fun, do you?
3. You DON’T have to send anything else but the card, but if you want to stick in something else that’d be fine. A bookmark, for instance, would be really nice. Whatever you send: it has to be flat enough to fit in the envelope– no upgrading into package territory, here.
4. The most you should spend is $5. The point of the exchange is that it’s cheap enough for us money-less people to participate in, so everything should cost $5 and under. I don’t know if you can even buy a card that costs more than $5. Can you?

I love this Idea!!!!  I’m going to be making homemade Christmas cards this year and it would be amazing to spread the joy to fellow book bloggers!  Follow the link, sign up, and join me in the fun!

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