NaNoWriMo – TPTBD Update and Reflections

03 Nov

It’s been a few days since I started NaNoWriMo…  okay okay it’s been only three days sinceIi started.  But I must say that I’m not going to finish the goal of 50,000 words.  I just know this.  It’s my first time attempting something this big.  I started off strong on Day 1 writing 1056 words.  I thought a very respectable word total for someone completely an amateur and unprepared for this.  Day 2 I wrote a measly 656 words.  That’s it…  One chapter.  And now I’m temporarily out of motivation.  That means that I know I will not be reaching 50,000 words.  Yet, I am okay with that.  My realistic goal is 20,000 words.  I also probably won’t be participating in any of the online or physical events.  I view this year as testing the waters.  What does it feel like to attempt something like this?  Do I want to attempt this next year?  Should I vary my attempts and/or strategies?  This year is my trial run.

Good luck to all the other writers out there.  I know that some of them will create some wonderful pieces that actually have a future.  I don’t think mine will, but that’s okay.  To me it’s all about the exercise. 

I will be trying to write every day.  So I will probably have fewer blog entries than usual for this month.  I am still reading (not going to give that up), but not at a frenzied pace.  Book reviews will appear sporadically.  Other posts may also appear that have nothing to do with books.  I might feel inspired some day to write about life, or crafting, or my job, or music, or food.  I also have a few reading challenge goals to accomplish this month to stay on track.  I am determined to knock out at least two challenges (only 3 books aways!).  We’ll see.  And if I’m feeling less critical of myself, I might even put up some passages from my NaNoWriMo attempt: The Place that Bordered Death…

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