Day Zero Project Update: Weeks 12-14

22 Dec

Instead of daily posts, I thought it would be a lot easier for me and you if I did weekly update posts.  These will track my progress each week.  I will highlight what I’ve done, what I want to do, and any interesting tidbits.  Sometimes I’ll add pictures and/or links.  Hopefully these posts will keep me accountable to me list…

What I Did

22. Keep a journal for this project — Obviously an ongoing goal. I got a beautiful black soft cover journal to use.  I am determined to journal at least a bit each day.

19. Blog 1001 times — 7 posts for the last three weeks (121/1001)

32. Read my height in books — This week’s height: 4 in   (30.5/68 in.)

15. See 101 new movies (12/101)

  • Conan the Barbarian — As ridiculously cheesy as I thought it would be, but J loves the series.
  • The Trip — Steve Coogan playing uber Steve Coogan… Amazing!  The best part was all the little conversations while driving.
  • Very Bad Things — J couldn’t believe that I’d never seen this movie.  It was so over the top crazy, and I loved it.
  • Mission Impossible 4 — We got free tickets to a preview.  It was good for a Mission Impossible movie.
  • Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows — We love us some Sherlock, Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Guy Ritchie.  Amazing!
  • Gem-X Cops — J bought this incredibly cheesy, messed up movie because its sequel has a blond Paul Rudd…  and the best part, it has horrible dubbing from Cantonese.
  • Monte Carlo — Silly teen flick.
  • Fright Night — Remake was just as B movie as the original.  I was loving it.

37. Pass 250,000 pages read for my 1,000,000 pages challenge — (55,636/250,000)

55. Try 30 new recipes (8/30)

  • Moroccan Chicken — Not as much flavor as I would have liked
  • Broccoli Chicken Pesto Penne — Definitely a keeper

76. Make 100 homemade cards (100/100)

96. See the opera, orchestra, or theatre production — J and I saw the Aspen Sante Fe performance of The Nutcracker

31. Finish 30 reading challenges (7/30)

  • 2011 — Finally finished it; took me long enough though.
  • Fables — Love this series, repeating this for next year.

What I Plan to Do Next Week

I really need to start my quote page and work on my random tasks.  And the boys and I are going to build a gingerbread house.

Monthly Goal

January’s task is to watch all of the James Bond movies.  We have 22 movies to watch this month.  I really think we can do it.

Overall Progress

6 / 101

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