2012 Reading Shakespeare Challenge

26 Dec

From Breadcrumb Reads:

Sometimes, good intentions never see the light of day. I’d bought myself the complete works of Shakespeare a few months ago with the intention of taking part in a challenge that was being hosted this year. Unfortunately, the times has never been right to pick up a play. I’ve been so intent on whittling down my to-read novel list, that plays have completely been neglected (save for one) this year.

So, I’ve decided to run a Shakespearean Group Read, of sorts, in 2012. The idea is to read, with others who might be interested, one play a month. At the end of each month a discussion post will be posted along with a link-up for fellow readers to add their posts. A schedule of the plays being read in 2012  will be put up in a sign-up post towards the middle of December. For now, though, we need to decide on the plays.

I didn’t want to just pick them out on my own and selfishly expect others to join in. So I’ve decided to hold a poll – rather 3 polls. I will be dividing Shakespeare’s works into comedies, tragedies and histories. Considering we have 12 months, therefore 12 plays to read next year, I figured four plays from each of these categories should work well.Please do pass the word around so that we might have a lovely reading experience of Shakespeare together! :)

Oh, and as I have been asked – you are not obligated to join in on every play group read if you don’t want to or can’t. ;)

So then, here goes!

Really excited about revisiting The Bard.  My goal is to do the readalongs, discussions, and watch the movie versions when available. 

  1. January — A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  2. February — Macbeth
  3. March — Henry V
  4. April — Much Ado About Nothing
  5. May — Antony and Cleopatra
  6. June — Richard III
  7. July — As You Like It
  8. August — King Lear
  9. September — Cymbeline
  10. October — Twelfth Night
  11. November — Othello
  12. December — Pericles

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