Autumn: Disintegration by David Moody

27 Jan

Title: Autumn: Disintegration (#4)

Author: David Moody

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin 2011

Genre: Zombie

Pages: 342

Rating:  5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Zombie; Read Your Name – A; Support Your Local Library

How I Got It: Library loan

Forty days have passed since the world died. Billions of corpses walk the Earth. Everything is disintegrating. . . .

A group of eleven men and women have survived against the odds. On an almost daily basis, they attack the dead with brutal ferocity, tearing through them with utter contempt.

Somewhere nearby, out of sight and out of earshot, is another group that has adopted a completely different survival strategy. Where the others have used brutality and strength, these people have demonstrated subtlety, planning, and tactics.

A series of horrific events force the two groups together. Backed into a corner and surrounded by hundreds of thousands of corpses, they all know that their final battle with the dead is about to begin.

I was on the edge of my seat for this entire book…  I just couldn’t wait to find out what happens to the survivors.  After Purification, I was unsure of where Moody was going to take the story.  The way the book ended, it didn’t leave much room for continuation on the same frantic level as previously.  Thankfully Moody found a great way to continue the main storyline by introducing some new groups.  I didn’t love these characters as much as the first ones, but they were interesting.  I sped through the book, reading straight through lunch times to finish the story.  And now I hear there’s a rumored 5th book out there somewhere.  I must find and devour!


  1. Autumn
  2. The City
  3. Purification
  4. The Human Condition
  5. Disintegration
  6. Aftermath

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