Harry Potter Film Wizardry by Brian Sibley

29 Jan

Title: Harry Potter Film Wizardry

Author: Brian Sibley

Publisher: Harper Design 2010

Genre: Media; Movies

Pages: 160

Rating:  5  / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Dewey – 790s; Read Your Name – S

How I Got It: Library Loan

Immerse yourself in the world of the spectacular “Harry Potter” film series, and learn why Yule Ball ice sculptures never melt, where Galleons, Sickles and Knuts are really “minted”, how to get a Hippogriff to work with actors, about the inspiration behind Hogwarts castle, and why Dementors move the way they do. Written and designed in collaboration with the cast and crew that brought J.K Rowling’s celebrated novels to the silver screen, “Harry Potter: Film Wizardry” delivers an enchanting interactive experience, transporting readers to the wizarding world by sharing filmmaking secrets, unpublished photography and artwork, and exclusive stories from the stars.
Harry Potter is one of those book series that I absolutely adore.  I really enjoyed learning more about the behind-the-scenes of the movies.  This was a truly enjoyable read.  I recommend this to all fans of the books and movies.
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