Night of the Necromancer by Kyle West and Jelani Sims

03 Feb

Title: Zombie Blondes

Author: Kyle West and Jelani Sims

Publisher: CreateSpace 2011

Genre: Zombie

Pages: 400

Rating:   4 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: Zombie; Read Your Name – N; Mount TBR; Random Reads – February

How I Got It: I own it!

Just hours ago, you were a student trying to survive college. Now, as zombies attempt to knock down your apartment door and eat you alive, you must ask yourself if you will survive the night. And, in order to get through this nightmare, you have to make all the right decisions.
Will you save your overbearing girlfriend, who just broke up with you hours before the zombies arrived? Will you trust the survivors you meet along the way? Will you retreat to the forest in an attempt to escape the undead hordes, or will you face your fear head- on and fight your way through the city?
If you are quick on your feet, you just might see another day. One wrong decision, and you’ll end up as a zombie food, or worse, a member of the undead.
Another choose your own adventure type book.  Fun, but fairly preditictable.  I think I watch way too many zombie movies and read too many zombie books to be completely taken by surprise by this book.  That being said, it really is entertaining.  I read most of this on my lunch break today.  Somehow zombie gore doesn’t spoil my appetite (probably says something about me).  I enjoyed the “twists and turns.”  The characters acted just like characters in zombie movies do.  The book had all the classic archetypes and they stayed true to their personailities.  The story was fun and engaging.  Recommend for fans for CYOA books or zombie books. 
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