The Sunday Salon #2

19 Feb

The Sunday

Listening To: Florence + the Machine’s new album Ceremonials.  I’m especially loving the haunting “What the Water Gave Me.”  She makes such mood music.  I love it!

Book finished: Sunshine by Robin McKinley

ReadingHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

Making Lists: Adding to my never ending TBR list.  I might just have an addiction to reading…

Around the house: I finally got around to putting away the box of Christmas decorations.  Unfortunately,the Christmas tree is still up. To be fair it just really doesn’t look like a Christmas tree.  It will probably be left up for another few months yet.

From the kitchen: We’ve started using the freezer meals.  Unfortunately we had a bit of a mishap with the honey pork chops.  The recipe said to defrost and then bake for 1:15 hours at 350 degrees.  This turned them into burnt hockey pucks.  So next time, not so long…

On the Web: Not much news…  There was a great announcement about Mountain Lion.  Finally, Apple is getting around to integrating all the messaging services into one iMessage.  Looking forward to this.

Weekly Quote:

Crafting: My Stampin’ Up order included a paper trimmer.  I absolutely love using it.  So much better than scissors.  Yesterday, I continued working in the Disney vacation scrapbook.  I’m over two-thirds through mine… making progress.  I also managed to reorganize a bit of my crafting stash.  Now it’s less of an explosion of supplies than a couple of untidy stacks of supplies.

Work Observations: My boss returned from maternity leave and things are slowly getting back to normal.  However, that also means that I don’t have a huge amount of projects to complete at the moment. Kinda bored until we decide the next big project.

Watching: More Stargate SG-1.  We got through season 2 and on to season 3.  My one big comment: What the hell happened to Daniel’s hair?  Argh!  I finally started watching Downton Abbey and am officially hooked.  Love it!  And I caught back up with The Vampire Diaries.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come back until March.

Wondering: How we managed to eat a hubcap (yes a hubcap) of sushi the other night and not die of overeating?  So good…  but good gracious that was a lot of food.

From Nature: All week we’ve had fairly moderate temperatures for February.  It’s been an odd winter with wild temperature fluctuations.   

Shopping Scores: Randomly Half Price Books had a Booklover’s Weekend with a 40% off coupon.  Of course, I had to use it.  Here’s my scores for this week.  Notice half of the House of Night series that I snapped up for $1 a piece.  What a bargain!

Project: More Spring Break road trip planning.  I sent inquiries to the bed and breakfast association for a reservation.  They won’t get back to me until Monday.

Picture: My pretty surprise Valentine’s Day gift…  He knows just what I like!

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