Weekend Plans

24 Feb

Many around the book blogging community are participating in a GoodReads Catch Up Readathon hosted by Once Upon a Chapter.  I thought about it.  I do so love my readathons.  But then I started thinking about everything else I wanted to do this weekend and next week.  And the readathon started to seem like a chore.  So I won’t be participating this time around.  I have some other things that I want to get done today, tomorrow, and Sunday:

  • Library crawl — Yep that’s right, a library crawl.  I’ve lived in Omaha for over 6 months and still haven’t been to most of the branch libraries.  So I decided this would be the perfect time.  And the library closest to my house just reopened after a huge renovation project.  I want to find the best magazine, children’s, and graphic novel areas.  Those always seem to be lacking at the branch I usually go to (it’s right between home and work). 
  • Prep my huge collection of March posts — I’m gearing up for a month long event celebrating my 30th birthday.  I have posts scheduled every day.  Plus, I’m hosting a big giveaway (tune back in March 1st for details).  I need to have all of that basically ready to go by March 1st so I don’t get behind.
  • Finish my Disney trip scrapbook — I have less than a third to go…
  • Catch up on Downton Abbey — I just started season 2 the other night and have been itching to get back into it
  • Catch up on The Vampire Diaries — I’m only one episode behind.  Unfotunately, I have to watch it on because our server went down the other day.  It’s rebuilding, but will probably take a few days.
  • Laundry/dishwashing/bathroom cleaning — Oh the joys of chores.  I need to schedule these, otherwise they never get done.

Quite a list of things for this weekend.  And on top of all that, I am toying with a self-imposed readathon on Sunday… But I guess I have to get through most of the list first. 

Btw: A double check on my GoodReads Challenge shows that I am 8 books ahead of my goal (total 200).  I think that will hold me for awhile.

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