Music Monday — 1982

05 Mar

Happy Birthday to Me Edition!

As part of my ongoing celebration for my 30th birthday, I am highlighting some popular songs from throughout my years.  Songs were picked based off of a list of Grammy award winners and Billboard Top 100.  Then, I chose my favorites to highlight.  

Year: 1982 (It’s my birth year!)

Book: TBD

Music Selections:

  1. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “I Love Rock n Roll” — Has always been a favorite of mine and one of my go-to karaoke songs.
  2. The Human League “Don’t You Want Me” — So incredibly 80s…  Everytime I hear this song, I go back to scenes of me dancing around the living room with pom poms or a fairy wand or something similar.
  3. John Cougar Melloncamp “Jack and Diane” — I don’t care what he says his name is now to me it will always be John Cougar.  And this one was one I remember hearing all the time as a child.
  4. The Clash “Should I Stay” — Such a classic song.  And bonus points: the boys love The Clash.
  5. Modern English “I Melt with You” — About a couple making love while nuclear bombs fall.  Creepy, but I somehow always loved this song. 

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