The Sunday Salon #5

11 Mar

The Sunday

Listening To: Random cds from the basement.  I have a huge pile of cds just sitting in the basement waiting to be put into our server.  This week I randomly grabbed The Dresden Dolls and Flogging Molly.  Haven’t heard these cds in awhile.  Bonus note: we bought tickets to Flogging Molly on June 1st!  Very excited!

Book finished: Palace Circle by Rebecca Dean — only one finished this week and it was a bit of a struggle.

ReadingRise Again by Ben Tripp — Back to zombies

Making Lists: Stampin’ Up March order.  We have our meeting this coming Wednesday, and I have no idea what I want.

Around the house: I feel like I got so much done today.  Laundry, dishwashing, clothes organizing, Goodwill collecting.  Today I was very productive.  I just wish I had this type of motivation every day.

From the kitchen: Made sour cream cornbread muffins and poppy-seed pound cake muffins to add to the freezer haul.  I finished making our meal plans through vacation.  We should just about empty the freezer by then.

On the Web: I am in love with a few new blogs: The Mary Sues and GeekMom.  Lots of fun going through their archives.  Plus, the big announcement was the release of the iPad 3 gen.  Of course, J ordered his and it will be here on Friday.  That means that I get the iPad 1 for e-reading.  Very exciting.

Weekly Quote: “This is just the switchboard, I can not tell you called you.”  You don’t even know how many times I say this every day at work.

Crafting: No actual crafting, but I did reorganized my scrapbook supply explosion.  I got it under control and in a few neat piles on the floor by the dining room table.  Looking forward to Stampin’ Up class on Wednesday.

Work Observations: Somedays I really wonder about the future of our country…  I see and hear way too many depressing stories at work.

Watching: Stargate Sg-1 (we’re into season 4 now), James Bond movies (into Pierce Bronson), The Vampire Diaries (finally caught up), The Daily Show, and Logan’s Run.  What?  You’ve never heard or seen Logan’s Run?  Crazy talk!  It is one of the best 70s scifi movies ever.  Trust me.  And it was my 30th birthday on Monday and it was required watching.

Wondering: When my new sandals will be delivered…

From Nature: The temperatures have been great.  And this week’s forecast is in the 70s.  I pulled out the spring/summer clothes bin to start the transition.

Shopping Scores: I got an Old Navy gift card for my bday and bought some cute summery clothes.   I just love finding good deals.  Unfortunately, I did not find any brown shoes or brown pants.  Darn it!

Project: No biggie, just spring cleaning and organizing.

Picture: Completely forgot to take a picture this week.  I really need to put reminders for this.

Extra notes: If you love books, make sure to check out my month long birthday giveaway.  I’m really itching to giveaway some great books to deserving people.  Also, I was invited to join a book club from someone at work.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend March’s meeting as we will be on our road trip.  But I will be joining in April.

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