My Years Reflection 1994

14 Mar

It’s my 30th birthday year.  As part of my celebrations, I thought I would take my birthday month to reflect on my life.  To help, I am using some of my scrapbooked pages to illustrate my life.  For each year, I’ve chosen a few pages to highlight that year.  I hope you enjoy my look back as much as I do.

1984:  Twelve years old.  Sixth to seventh grade.  Parents got divorced.  Mom and I moved to a new house.  Uncle Curt moved in with us.  We all moved back to Indiana at the end of the year.  Crazy crazy year!

Page 1:  Here is our little house in St. Petersburg.  I loved my large room, the cute little living room, and our covered back porch.  Plus, I made a friend in Becky my next door neighbor.


Page 2: As the fall semester ended, we made the decision to move back to Indiana.  I had to get pics and addresses of all my friends before I left.


Page 3:  Back in Indiana for Christmas.  I reconnected with my friend Angie.  I got a new apartment to live in.  And my dog, Milkdud was right there with me.  But we had to give him up…  Our apartment was too small and he was alone too much.  Fortunately a nice farm family adopted him.

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