A New Adventure on the Horizon…

22 Mar

Big changes are coming! 

ICAN image

Seemingly out of the blue, J was offered a position with a company all the way across the country in San Jose, CA.  Last weekend we flew out for his indepth interviews and my house hunting.  I also got to spend some time driving around and hitting the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.  On Saturday we drove to Sonoma Valley to enjoy some great wine.  We flew back home on Sunday and then waited.

Today, he recieved the official offer and took the job.  So now the complicated prt of packing and moving begins.  I have to quit my job.  He has to official quit his current job.  We have to determine the logistics of moving.  We have to make some decisions about housing (have a few options we like).  I have to tell everyone about the move.  And we have to the hands-on packing (I feel like I’ll be doing a huge amount of this). 

But we get to move to California!  Goodbye bitter winds and snow, hello palm trees, moderate temps, and sunny days.  Now I really need a pair of prescriptions sunglasses or laser eye surgery.  I’m sure I’ll have more updates soon.  Wish us luck! 

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