My Years Reflection 2002

22 Mar

It’s my 30th birthday year.  As part of my celebrations, I thought I would take my birthday month to reflect on my life.  To help, I am using some of my scrapbooked pages to illustrate my life.  For each year, I’ve chosen a few pages to highlight that year.  I hope you enjoy my look back as much as I do.

2002: Big changes abound…

Page 1:  My mom got married.  It was a small ceremony attended by close family and friends.  And then she held a smallish reception with cake and snacks.  I loved that myself my two new stepbrothers were the sole attendants and well wore blue-gray clothing. 

Page 2:  Annika was growing up.  Six months already.  She lived (and still lives) in Chicago, but we had a great time playing at a summer visit. 

Page 3: On Christmas Day, my Great Grandma Helen celebrated her 95th birthday.   We held a huge party at her retirement home.  I just loved her cakes: one showing a pic of her now and one showing a pic of her as a little girl.  (Btw…  You can’t tell because there are no pictures, but I was 6 months pregnant at the party)

Page 4:  Christmas with family.  Some great pics of Annika, Cole, and Mallory.

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