My Years Reflection 2003

23 Mar

It’s my 30th birthday year.  As part of my celebrations, I thought I would take my birthday month to reflect on my life.  To help, I am using some of my scrapbooked pages to illustrate my life.  For each year, I’ve chosen a few pages to highlight that year.  I hope you enjoy my look back as much as I do.

2003:  Even bigger changes this year!  Well, okay two big changes…

Page 1:  The only picture of me pregnant (actually there are a few others, but I was only 3-4 months so not obvious).  The only sonogram pictures I recieved.  Baby A turned out to be Alex and Baby B was Nick.

Page 2:  Initial pictures of the boys.  They were so tiny (5.6 and 5.0).  To be honest, they kind of looked like aliens with their crazy long fingers and toes and teeny tiny bodies.  I especially love the shot of Nick screaming…  he would get all red and open his mouth really wide, but didn’t really let out much sound.

Page 3:  At three months old, we traveled to Naperville, IL, to visit with my dad.  While there, Alex rolled over for the first time, they boy started laughing, and we found out that Annika was going to have a new sibling (turned out to be a boy, Ian).  Annika was so helpful, entertaining the boys and even holding their little hands during car rides. 

Page 4:  Six months old and major changes.  The boys and I moved into our own apartment and I started back at college (albeit the local college IPFW). 

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