The Sunday Salon #6

26 Mar

The Sunday

Obviously this post is a little late…  This weekend ended up being crazy busy and I just didn’t get to sit down and write this before now.  So, one day late, but still relevant.

Listening To: Rediscovering Panic at the Disco’s second album Pretty. Odd.  The cd’s been sitting in the basement for 6 months, I grabbed a handful going out to the car the other day and fell in love again.  I just really like that album.

Book finished: Rise Again by Ben Tripp; The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance; Henry V by Shakespeare; Timeless by Gail Carriger; Eat, Slay, Love by Jesse Petersen

Reading: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling and Doctor Who: The Forgotten

Making Lists: Vacation Packing list.  I am that dorky that I always list everything we want to take/pack and then pack accordingly.  It helps me stay organized.  We’re leaving on this Friday and I am about 50% packed.  I think that’s a good percentage for the time.

Around the house: The reason that I didn’t post a Sunday Salon last week was because J and I were in San Jose for an interview and possible relocation.  This week J took the job and started making preparations for moving at the end of April.  Yep, I said end of April.  So much to do, so little time.  We started packing this weekend and now the house looks like a disaster zone.  There’s crap everywhere.  But on a bright spot, I did feel 5 garbage bags for Goodwill!

From the kitchen: I redid the meal plan to use all of the freezer meals before the big move.  If we cook from the freezer everyday, we use everything but four pork chops.  I also reorganized the freezer and passed off some chicken nuggets and mini pancakes to some friends with little kids.  Now we need to organize and then start packing the kitchen.

On the Web: J and I are huge fans of Community and Doctor Who.  So when they introduced Inspector Spacetime, we almost died laughing.  A few entrepreneurs on Etsy have made Inspector Spacetime t-shirts.  I am really tempted to buy one… Intarsia Design

Crafting: Absolutely none.  Though my Stampin’ Up order came in and I am itching to use my new stamps.  The pile is probably one of the next things to be packed.

Work Observations: For whatever reason, it’s been really slow lately.  It has given me some time to clean out computer files and prep the receptionist handbook for my departure.  I really hope my boss can find someone before I leave. 

Watching: Catching up on all of our currently running tv shows.  Psych, Modern Family, Community, 30 Rock, Castle, Dirk Gently (must see! from the BBC!)

Wondering: How many books I currently own?  There are boxes and boxes in the garage.  I am not looking forward to moving those, but I don’t want to get rid of them before they’re read.

From Nature: It’s been absolutely beautiful lately with temps in the 70s and sun. 

Shopping Scores: Went to Old Navy, spent more than I was going to, but found a great summer dress and a few cute shirts, plus shorts for the boys.

Project: Relocation house hunting.  I hate house hunting and really hate it when I am physically distant.  We’ve found some possibles, but have to wait until J flies out there to see the insides and get specifics.  With the cost of real estate and tiny lots, it looks like we’ll be moving into an apartment complex or condo.  On the bright side, that means we get access to a pool and fitness center.  Yeah for me! 

This past two weeks have been crazy busy with all the changes.  I did manage to fit in a spa day (J’s bday gift) with a pedicure, facial, and massage.  Very nice!

On the reading front, I have way too many books to read this week before leaving for vacation.  I have some library books to care of and giveaway books to read.   Speaking of giveaways, there may be more books added to the birthday giveaway.  Or a separate giveaway later this month as I pack and purge.  Stay tuned!

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