Spring Break Vacation Part 1/3

15 Apr

We’re back!  Okay, so we’ve been back for a week, but that week has been super busy.  Packing an entire house for our impending move to California delayed my vacation posts.  I finally got to them…  here we go!

Day 1: J and I drove to Indiana…  no pictures.  Driving through Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana is really boring.

On to…

Day 2: Drove to Dayton to the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  The boys and I especially loved the WWI era planes.  The newer stuff just isn’t as exciting.  Plus some of those models are at the SAC Museum right here in Omaha.

Pictures: Wright era glider, post WWI era plane, WWI Model T ambulance, Japanese Zero, B-2 Spirit

Day 3: Drove to Harrisburg area to the Indian Echo Caverns.  First time the boys had ever been in a cavern.  And I think they really enjoyed it.

Drove to Hershey, PA for Chocolate World.  Best part: make your own chocolate bar.  You get to pick the chocolate, the fill ins, and the packaging.  The boys loved watching their bars get made.  And We all loved eating them…

Pictures: Boys in their chef finery, Outside of Chocolate World, candy bars being made

We stayed the night at the Red Caboose Motel.  Not the fanciest place, but the boys were excited to stay in real train cars.  Supposedly the entire motel started as a bet and has grown over the years.  J stayed there as a child.  The best part: real bacon (like slaughtered pretty close to that day) at breakfast.

Part II coming tomorrow…


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