Day Zero Project Update: Week 29-31

22 Apr

Instead of daily posts, I thought it would be a lot easier for me and you if I did weekly update posts.  These will track my progress each week.  I will highlight what I’ve done, what I want to do, and any interesting tidbits.  Sometimes I’ll add pictures and/or links.  Hopefully these posts will keep me accountable to me list…

What I Did

9. See 101 new movies (27/101)

  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island — Impromtu movie while in Philadelphia.  The boys loved it and I actually enjoyed it.  A fun little adventure.
  • Sleeping Beauty — Not the Disney version.  The art house indie version.  I just didn’t get it and was bored for most of the movie.  It helped that I was packing while watching.
  • Take Me Home Tonight — Typical boy obsessed over girl in high school, meets again years later.  Although having this movie set in the early 80s was a bit of a treat.
  • Titanic — The ABC mini series that just aired.  You could definitely tell that it was written by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey).  It was definitely Downton on a sinking ship.  Entertaining, but nothing that I would want to own.

24. Keep a journal for this project

26. Keep a “Six Words to Describe the Day” journal for 6 months — Ongoing
28. Blog 1001 times — 25 posts this period (322/1001)

33. Read my height in books — 4 inches this period (46/68in.)

65. Save $5 for every task completed — $10 for these weeks ($45)

85. Stay at a Bed and Breakfast — We stayed at one in the Philadelphia area during our Spring Break trip.

96. Visit 5 museums (5/5) — all visisted on our Spring Break road trip

  • Carnegie Mellon Museum of Naturla History — my favorite from the trip
  • Franklin Institute
  • National Museum of the Air Force
  • Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

What I Plan to Do Next Week

Not much as we are in the process of moving.  I will still be doing my journal and possibly some reading.

Monthly Goal

My day in 6 words.  Ongoing for the next five months.

Overall Progress


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