Into the West Day #3

30 Apr

We’re on our way.  We’re heading to California to start a slightly modified life.  Excited as it may be, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.  I thought you would like to see the things we encounter on our ~2000 mile journey.  (I know it ‘s just what you have all wanted!).  Enjoy!

Travel miles today: 665 miles

Travel miles total: 1270  miles

Places of interest: A huge day of traveling.  We didn’t really stop at much, but passed through South Dakota, all of Wyoming, a bit of Colorado, and into Utah.  We got a phone call that the moving truck will be arriving on May 3rd, so we need to get moving.  Our plan is to get to Reno, NV tomorrow to be set for early evening arrival on the 2nd.  But before we get there, here’s what we saw today:

First passing:  From Hill City, SD, we headed north passing through Deadwood and by Sundance on the way to…


First (and only) stop: Devil’s Tower.  You know the giant rock from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Yeah! That giant rock.  It’s even more impressive up close.  We paid the entrance fee to wind our way up to the tower.  The road passes through prairie dog town (literally next to the road) and up to the visitor’s center.  We bought a few interesting photographs and postcards, but decided to skip the mile long hike around the tower.  We took more pics and then headed back to I-90.


Then: Headed south to Casper, WY and kept going.  Because of the push up on arrival, we kept driving into part of the night to get to Vernal, UT to stay the night.  After checking a few full hotels, we finally found on that had rooms and got one.  I don’t know what is going on, but Vernal seems to be hopping tonight.


Tomorrow: Dinosaur National Monument, Utah, and Nevada.

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