The Sunday Salon #10

13 May

The Sunday

Listening To: My entire iTunes library of 9400 (nice round number!) for my Day Zero Project of 101 Favorite Songs.  It’s so hard to pick and not get confused.  So I decided to systematically listen to all 9400 songs in alphabetical order.  I’m up the Cs and already have ~50 songs notated.  I will definitely have to par the list down before finalizing.

Book finishedThe Physick Book of Deliverance Dane; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Reading: None — prepping for Bout of Books starting tomorrow

Making Lists: More house crap.  We had a lot of progress on the first list, but I’ve since made a second…

Around the house: Unpacking…  and starting to put everything together.  I would say we are over halfway there.  But the office still looks like a disaster zone.

From the kitchen: I’m ready to get back in the freezer meal mode.  Our fridge and freezer are giant (like you could fit a full grown adult in there large) and I can’t wait to get some meals together.  J’s work caters in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Since he’s playing catch up this week, I’ve really been eating alone.  Now the trick is to not overcook…

On the Web: I’ve been searching for a writing/crafting desk.  I found one I liked at Ikea, but the box didn’t fit into the Mini and the delivery charge wasn’t worth it.  So I turned to Amazon.  I think I finally found one that is wide enough for my crap with an uncomplicated design.  It should be delivered sometime this weekend…

Crafting: None until the desk gets here and put together

Work Observations: None as I don’t have a job.

Watching: The people on Murphy St.  I’m so excited to live in an area where people are out and about and not in their cars all the time.  I think I’m going to like it here.

Wondering: Why I am so tired this week?  Oh yeah, I started working out every day!  Currently I’m trying to alternate doing laps in the pool and walking on the treadmill.  My body still hasn’t acclimated yet.

From Nature: I love this weather!  Not too hot, not to cold, and tons of sunshine.

Shopping Scores: I ordered the boys their Egyptian plush dog and cat they saw in Pittsburgh (those were overpriced, plus they had already got something that day).  They’re sitting on the bunk beds just waiting for two 9-year-olds to come and play.  I also got two new pairs of trainers for my new walking/exercise life.  Both are Dr. Scholl’s (weird, but they’re comfy and cute).  I also am a huge Ikea fan now.  And it’s only 15 minutes away on the 101.  Plus my haul at the Saturday Farmer’s Market!

Project: Getting a collection of summer activities ready for the boys.  Next up: need to actually enroll them in a  couple of camps and possibly plan a trip to DisneyLand.


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