Thanks on Thursday

07 Jun

I found this wonderful meme idea on Ruby Bastille.  I thought it would be a great way to share my life with my readers.  This week’s thankfulness…

1) Almond Cappunccinos — I routinely go to the Bean Scene Cafe about 1 1/2 blocks from the apartment.  And because of the temps, I usually order an iced mocha.  Only today I ordered a hot almond cappuccino and it was delicious!  I think I found my new fave drink.

2) My new iPad — J bought me an iPad!  And I’ve already downloaded my apps and few books.  I’ve even read one already (Anna Dressed in Blood).  And today I took it to the coffeehouse instead of my MacBook Air (not that the computer isn’t light).  Loving the small size!

3) Stargate Atlantis — J got me hooked on Stargate SGU and now we’ve moved onto Atlantis.  I really really like this series.  It’s basically our daily tv watching,  a few episodes before bed.  I don’t know what we’re going to do when we finish the series.  Oh yeah, we have Stargate Universe and 100s more tvs shows on the Apple TV.

4) Target — I finally found a cheap summer dress.  Thank you clearance racks at Target.

5) Rain — It rained this week for the first time since we’ve moved.  Everyone I met was complaining about how it was so miserable and cold (65 degrees!).  I loved the little bit of rain while i read on my balcony.  Now we wait for a month for another rainstorm.

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