Sunnyvale Summer Week 1

16 Jun

The boys are here! Now on to the fun.  I thought it would be a easier to do a week in review for all of our summer adventures.  Week one in the past:


  • Boys arrive — After the usual nastiness of air flight, the boys arrived two hours after their scheduled time.  We were going to do a ton of errands, but they were a bit exhausted.  So we grabbed some Wendy’s on the way back to the apartment.
  • Pool visit — Right away the boys wanted to jump into the pool, so of course we did it.
  • Target — The boys got new towels, a subway map shower curtain, and some pool toys.


  • Donuts — We walked across the street to get donuts.  The boys can’t believe that we can get fresh donuts across the street.  Yum! Yum!  And they are huge.
  • Pool — I think that the pool is going to be a daily adventure.
  • Bookstore — We visited the small local bookstore, Bookasaurus (kids) and Leigh’s Favorite Books (adult,) two blocks away.
  • Frozen Yogurt — Boys were hesitant about frozen yogurt (“Is it ice cream?” “No, but similar”), but I won them over at Trutti Frutti.  N had chocolate with chocolate chips and gummi bears, A had chocolate with chocolate chips and m&ms, and I had green apple and french vanilla with mini peanut butter cups.  They already want to go again…


  • Sunnyvale Library — I can’t believe how excited the boys were to go to the library.  They got their own library cards and proceeded to grab books left and right.  They even asked for specific books that we had to look up on the catalog.  We put some of those books on hold for the coming weeks.  In the end, they each checked out around 10 books.  One was read in the car and another partway read waiting for lunch.  I’d say they are pretty happy. We will be visiting the library on a weekly basis.
  • Sunnyvale Community Center — We had to go get our household id to sign up for summer classes.  Five minutes and everything was set.
  • Sky High — A huge warehouse filled with trampolines.  A little boy’s dream.  After passing it about three times and searching for a parking place, we arrived for our hour long visit.  I only bought an hour and thank goodness.  The boys really enjoyed their time, but an hour was the limit.
  • Pool — Third day in a row.  But this time the boys met a few boys their age that actually live in the complex.  We found out which apartment.  The boys are determined to play with these kids every day now.  We’ll see…  Although I am glad they found some kids to place with.


  • Pool — Of course.
  • Rock Band — The boys are now obsessed with Rock Band.  We had to have J show us how to set up everything.  We then played for almost two hours.  This may become a daily occurrence.
  • Lots of cleaning and laundry — Actually got the boys to help me take out all the trash and clean the house.  They did it without too much fuss.
  • Lots of reading —  The boys really got into reading their library books.  I didn’t want to interrupt, so we all read for over any hour.


  • Farmer’s Market — The boys were excited to get some fresh lemonade, kettle corn, and baked goods (mystery roll for A and pretzels for the rest of us).  Yum!
  • Rock Band — More and more playing

Choice pics of the week:

More Rock Band photos next week…

Shopping district by the house with adult and kids bookstores.

Yummy frozen yogurt.  Mine, A’s, and N’s…

Pool time!

Farmer’s market lunch…

Starting goals:

  • Getting a library card (for the boys) and weekly trips; summer reading program √
  • Sky High — trampoline bounce place √
  • Great America — only 10 minutes from the house!
  • Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco
  • Alcatraz — J wants to go with, so this will be a vacation day or weekend trip
  • Scavenger hunt/photo scavenger hunt — I want to do one of these but haven’t even started thinking about the clues
  • San Jose Giants baseball game?
  • Beach trip — possibly Santa Cruz
  • Exploratorium in San Francisco
  • Summer camps — need to get a Sunnyvale account to sign them up — Signed up!
  • Most likely daily pool visits √
  • Get together with an old friend and her kids — possibly at the Santa Cruz boardwalk or in Fresno (her town)
  • Possible bike rides — if they can get better at riding


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2 responses to “Sunnyvale Summer Week 1

  1. Mom/grandma

    June 18, 2012 at 6:58 am

    Awesome updates and pics……..they will have a lot to talk about at this weeks FaceTime!! Tues or Thurs night good!! Hi to all!!

  2. Mom/grandma

    June 22, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Need more boy pics and blogs…..even better have boys write their own blog!!


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