Sunnyvale Summer Week 2

23 Jun

The boys are here! Now on to the fun.  I thought it would be a easier to do a week in review for all of our summer adventures.  Week two in the past:


  • Pool
  • Dinner at Rok — We ordered cheese fondue as an appetizer.  Yummy California Dreamin’ mix.  For the main course, N had mac and cheese, A had chicken tenders, J had kangaroo, and I had scallops and prawns.  You cook your food at the table on 650 degree volcanic rocks.  (Don’t worry, the boys’ rocks weren’t hot).  All that plus a bottle of wine made for a very yummy dinner.  Next time we will have to try the dessert chocolate fondue.  (The last picture is N trying the kangaroo.  He didn’t really like it, but he did try it.)
  • Trutti Frutti — Dessert at Trutti Frutti.  Boys had the same concoctions as last time.  I tried green apple and death by chocolate with brownie bits and gummi bears.


  • Library visit — Most of the books the boys put on hold became available, so we stopped to grab them before camp today.  Below: returning books through the library’s automated system.  Very fancy!
  • Summer Camps —  N had LEGO Engineering and A had Magic Camp.  They both talked nonstop after their classes.  I think they are enjoying it so far…  Pic from today is of A.


  • Summer Camps
  • Playground/park time — The boys’ classes start an hour apart in different locations.  So we have a bit of time to wait between start and end times.  Thank goodness N’s location is in the middle of a park.  All pics from today are of N after his class, but before we went to pick up A.


  • Summer Camps
  • Playground/park time
  • Pics of the Sunnyvale Community Center fountains.  Very pretty.  A has informed me that it is an “acid lake” (break time play with friends) and they have to avoid it at all costs.


  • Summer Camps
  • Playground/park time
  • Start of our Pixar movie marathon — This is one of my Day Zero Project goals and I though the boys might enjoy rewatching some Pixar movies.  We started with Up… makes me cry every time.  I think our next selection will be Wall-E.


  • Summer Camps
  • A’s Magic Show —  The kids each performed two tricks and then received their special awards.  He did so well  with a clear voice and eye contact.  Each kid took home their box of magic tricks, but there were others to buy after the show.  A bought his favorite growing flower in a pot trick and N picked up a magic hat to match his brother.


  • Pool
  • Lounging day at the house
  • Another Pixar movie

Starting goals:

  • Getting a library card (for the boys) and weekly trips; summer reading program √
  • Sky High — trampoline bounce place √
  • Great America — only 10 minutes from the house!
  • Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco
  • Alcatraz — J wants to go with, so this will be a vacation day or weekend trip
  • Scavenger hunt/photo scavenger hunt — I want to do one of these but haven’t even started thinking about the clues
  • San Jose Giants baseball game?
  • Beach trip — possibly Santa Cruz
  • Exploratorium in San Francisco
  • Summer camps — need to get a Sunnyvale account to sign them up — Signed up! √
  • Most likely daily pool visits √
  • Get together with an old friend and her kids — possibly at the Santa Cruz boardwalk or in Fresno (her town)
  • Possible bike rides — if they can get better at riding

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