Day Zero Project Update: Week 36-40

24 Jun

Instead of daily posts, I thought it would be a lot easier for me and you if I did weekly update posts.  These will track my progress each week.  I will highlight what I’ve done, what I want to do, and any interesting tidbits.  Sometimes I’ll add pictures and/or links.  Hopefully these posts will keep me accountable to me list…

What I Did

3. Listen to 26 new bands (one for each letter of the alphabet) (18/26)

  • Kindness “House”
  • Birdy “Just a Game”
  • Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros “Home”
  • Radical Face “Welcome Home”

5. Make a playlist of my favorite 101 songs — in progress.  I am currently working through the Js.

6. Watch all the James Bond movies (22/22) — Finished!

8. Have a Pixar marathon — ongoing

  • Up — started with the saddest one, but a good one

9. See 101 new movies (35/101)

  • Super 8 — Great story.  Could have done with the Abrams patented lens flares.
  • Like Crazy — Awesome quiet little story of love.  Most of it was improvised dialogue between Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin.
  • One for the Money — Ugh!  Thank goodness this was a Redbox movie.  Crap!
  • Secret of My Success — How have I not seen this awesome 80s Michael J. Fox farce?  And we even own it.
  • Haywire — Good action sequences, blah storyline…
  • The Three Musketeers — Overly hyped and stylized.  Just didn’t get me at all.  I was laughing at the ridiculousness.
  • The Woman in Black — Very predictable.  And hard to see Harry Potter as a widow with a young boy.

12. See all of IMDB’s Top 250 movies  (11/250)

  • Up — Always makes me cry

14. Choose an actor/actress and see all their films (1/ 22) — I picked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  One movie complete this week.

  • The Rundown

16. Spend an afternoon in the park reading — Perfect week to do this when the boys were at summer camp.

17. Reread all of the Harry Potter books (6/7) — One to go…

24. Keep a journal for this project — Ongoing

26. Keep a “Six Words to Describe the Day” journal for 6 months — Ongoing

28. Blog 1001 times — 45 posts this period (412/1001)

30. Finish 100 creative writing prompts (4/100) — I only do these at the coffeehouse…  I need to do more.

32. Finish 30 reading challenges (8/30) — Completed the Read Your Name Challenge with 23 books.

33. Read my height in books — 5 inches this period (55/68in.)

37. Pass 250,000 pages read for my 1,000,000 pages challenge (79,394/250,000)

60. Try 30 new recipes (25/30)

  • Chocolate avocado muffins
  • Blueberry buttermilk cake
65. Save $5 for every task completed ($55)
100. Scrapbook 100 pages (84/100) — 16 pages in the boys’ books completed.

What I Plan to Do Next Week.

35. Join or create a book club — Still waiting to find a good one.

72. Complete “50 Questions that Free Your Mind” (20/50) — Have the templates ready, just haven’t answered them yet.

Monthly Goal — July

My day in 6 words.  Ongoing for the next three months.

Take 26 photos of things that inspire me (one for each letter of the alphabet).  I am going to try and complete this goal this month…  Maybe the bosy can help me think of things.

Overall Progress


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One response to “Day Zero Project Update: Week 36-40

  1. Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

    June 25, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Great progress on your goals!
    Joy’s Book Blog


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