Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

24 Jun

Title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Author: J.K. Rowling

Publisher: Scholastic 2006

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Pages: 652

Rating:   5 / 5 stars

Reading Challenges: HP

How I Got It: Own it! (in pretty hardcover no less)

This one is a reread for me.  It’s been awhile since I read the series.  I remember reading the first couple of books out loud to the boys when they were infants.  SO that’s what, eight years ago?  I read the last few books as they came out, but overall it’s been awhile.

Instead of doing a traditional review, I thought I would just give you some of my reread thoughts.  Things I noticed, things I loved, quotes I like, etc.  And then I will have a mini review of movie vs. book.

Book fun:

Favorite scene:

  • Every one of the memories of Tom Riddle.  They are so illuminating.  I really wish they included them in the movie…
  • The opening scene between the Minister of Magic and the Prime Minister.  It’s a great opening sequence showing the interaction between the magical and muggle world.  Another thing I really wish they would have put in the movie.

Favorite character(s):

  • Narcissa Black Malfoy — Even though she’s only in it for one actual scene, I love her.  I especially love the contrast between her and her sister Bellatrix.
  • Ron and Hermione — Their whole will-they or won’t-they is fascinating.  I just adore them.  And I especially love the scene in the hospital.

Other odds and ends:

  • I forgot how angry Harry is in this movie…  Teenage angst is a bit much.
  • There’s a whole passage on pages 180-181 comparing Harry and Snape.  As much as Harry doesn’t want to admit it, they are very similar.
  • Slughorn is a great side character.
Favorite quotes: No one really sticks out to me.
Movie fun
My favorite scenes:
  • Ron and Hermione’s fight with the birds — I love the emotional vulnerability in this scene.  It just works.
  • Slughorn Christmas Party — Between Hermione avoiding Cormac and Harry wanting Ginny, this is a great scene of teenage hormones.  Plus it just looks pretty.
Things I wished to see, but didn’t:
  • The book’s opening sequence.  Unfortunately they change to one (Harry in the tube station) that doesn’t really make a lot of sense.  However I did love the destruction of the bridge and Diagon Alley. It’s mentioned in the book, but to see the raw power from the Death Eaters is just terrifying.
  • Harry and Ginny’s kiss in front of the entire Gryffindor common room.  The small kiss in the room of requirement just doesn’t really work.
Other odds and ends:
  • In the books, I love Ginny Weasley.  She’s a great mix of Fred and George and Mrs. Weasley.  I understand why Harry likes her.  Yet, in the movies, she’s more of a wet blanket.  The movies rob her of all the interesting aspects of her personalty.  Very sad change of character from books to movies…
  • I loved loved loved watching Draco’s transformation from arrogant elitist to broken little boy.  It makes his realization of what’s right and wrong that much better.  Tom Felton really gave him a haunted look in most of the scenes.
  • Attack on the Burrow — WHY!?!?!  It’s just completely wrong…
Harry Potter:


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