Sunnyvale Summer Week 3

30 Jun

The boys are here! Now on to the fun.  I thought it would be a easier to do a week in review for all of our summer adventures.  Week two in the past:


  • Pool — It was a bit chilly, but still refreshing.
  • Started the boys on Doctor Who (reboot, not back to the 60s).  So far they love it!


  • Great America  — I might have been crazy to take the boys to an amusement park, but it’s only 10 minutes from our house.  We had to try to it out.  After a bit of hesitation, they tried ton of rides.  We spent 8 hours at the park!  And they want to go again!  Good thing I bought season passes.  (And yes, that is N and I participating the grand finale of the magic show)


  • Library Visit — Love our library visits.  This time we even picked up some movies.
  • Golfland Sunnyvale — I had bought a Living Social deal awhile back.  There’s two different courses: Knight’s Quest and some Tiki styled one.  We choose Knight’s Quest and boy was it challenging, fun but challenging.  We played one round and then went inside to check out the arcade.  They already want to go back.  And if you want to know who won, N blew A and I out of the water!
  • Brave — Definitely a must see Pixar movie.  We loved it!  Plus it gave us a chance to check out a different theater in Cupertino.  Road trip!  (really only 15 minutes from home, but we’ve never really gone that far south)


  • Coast exploration adventure —  I was determined to find a decent beach.  We wound our way to the coast and Highway 1.  The first beach we tried (Half Moon Bay State Beach) was charging $10 a car and didn’t take credit cards.  So we got back into the car to try another.  Just about 1/2 mile south we found Poplar Beach with metered parking $4 for 2 hours on the beach.  And the machine took credit cards.  Perfect amount of time.  The boys frolicked (yep they frolicked) in the surf.  It was freezing, but they didn’t seem to mind.  They were so excited to check out the Pacific Ocean.  They even built a sandcastle with another little boys.  After two hours, they were exhausted and bit cold, perfect time to pack up and head home.  But we will be back!
  • Toys R Us — The boys had a couple of gift certificates from grandma.  They found a few Skylanders they don’t have, a toucan Angry Birds plush, a few Sonic comic books, a mini Lego figure, and a Fruit Ninja apple plush.  I think a pretty good haul!


  • San Francisco Day!
  • Commuter fun — First time for the boys riding the Caltrain and Muni.  We caught an early bullet train in the city.  From there, we had to transfer to the Muni light rail to the BART station underground.  Finally we hopped on the old fashioned street cars to travel to our destination…
  • Aquarium of the Bay — The boys loved looking at all the exhibits.  All the animals are species that live in the bay, so it’s a unique aquarium.  We end watched an awesome 3D movie about sharks that was entertaining and informative.
  • Johnny Rockets for lunch
  • Musee Mechanique — Antique arcade games stretching back into the late 1800s.  And they are all playable!  Of course the boys gravitated to the 1980s-1990s games, but we had fun anyway.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf — Checking out the sights
  • Boudin Bakery — Yummy sourdough bread and cookies for a snack
  • Pier 39 — Shopping, seeing the sights, taking pictures.


  • Chill day at the house
  • Movies and Pool


  • Chill day at the house
  • Pool, Movies, and Rock Band

Starting goals:

  • Getting a library card (for the boys) and weekly trips; summer reading program √
  • Sky High — trampoline bounce place √
  • Great America — only 10 minutes from the house! √
  • Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco √
  • Alcatraz — J wants to go with, so this will be a vacation day or weekend trip
  • Scavenger hunt/photo scavenger hunt — I want to do one of these but haven’t even started thinking about the clues
  • San Jose Giants baseball game?
  • Beach trip — possibly Santa Cruz
  • Exploratorium in San Francisco
  • Summer camps — need to get a Sunnyvale account to sign them up — Signed up! √
  • Most likely daily pool visits √
  • Get together with an old friend and her kids — possibly at the Santa Cruz boardwalk or in Fresno (her town)
  • Possible bike rides — if they can get better at riding

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