The Sunday Salon #18

08 Jul

The Sunday

Book finishedPersepolis 1; Persepolis 2; Sandman Vol. 4; Sandman Vol. 5; Adrianna’s Fairy Tales; Rebel Angels; Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Reading: Mythology by Edith Hamilton

On the Nightstand: Rest of the Vampire Academy series; A Sweet Far Thing; Hater and Dog Blood by David Moody

Making Lists: The usual… grocery, general to-dos

Listening To: New music borrowed from the library.  Alkaline Trio, Howie Day, Coldplay, Brandon Flowers, and Glee Soundtracks

Around the house: My goodness we have a mess in this house.  There’s just living bits everywhere.  Thankfully I started on the cleaning.  It’s getting better slowly.

Farmer’s Market Finds: A quick visit had me snapping up some beautiful nectarines, a ham and cheese croissant, and a blueberry custard danish.  On the way back to the house, I finally visited the other coffee house on Murphy Street for a peach smoothie.

Watching: Way too many episodes of Mythbusters (the boys’ favorite show right now)

Wondering: How am I going to participate in Once Upon a Readathon this week with everything going on?

Shopping Scores:  I found a cute summery top on the Target clearance rack.  Only $6, I couldn’t resist.

Project: I took on two crazy large projects this week.  I am going back through  my blog fixing broken links (mostly images).  And I started to go through my various TBR lists (computer and notebook) to consolidate.  I might just be crazy this week.

Picture: Beautiful Redwood tree on the Winchester House property.  It’s only 70 years old, but is absolutely gorgeous.

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