Sunnyvale Summer Week 5

14 Jul

The boys are here! Now on to the fun.  I thought it would be a easier to do a week in review for all of our summer adventures.


  • Sunnyvale Golfland — We played the east course, Tiki’s something or other.  It’s definitely easier than the Knight’s Quest, but still fun.  We rounded out our visit with a bit of arcade time.  Golfland is on for one more visit sometime next week.


  • Chilling at home


  • Great America — This time we hit up the water park (no pics as I was having too much fun in the water).  The weather was perfect: 88 degrees and sunny in Santa Clara.  After the water park, we hit up some of our favorite rides and played a few carnival games.  We each won a Domo!  After spending another 7 hours at the park, we were all exhausted.  GA is on our list for one more time this summer, probably next week.


  • Doctor Who marathon — Who can say no to the Doctor, especially David Tennant’s Doctor?  We got through almost the entire second series.  We’ll definitely be into the third series before they go back to Indiana.


  • Scavenger Hunt — I made little card clues and scattered them about the complex.  The boys had to figure out each clue to reach the next one.  At the end, they had to rearrange the secret letters to spell out their prize…
  • Hunt Prize: Tutti Frutti — To which A was super excited and N decided he didn’t want any.  How can you say no to frozen yogurt?  A got his usual, chocolate with chocolate chips and m&ms.  I got peach with oreo cookie crumbles.  Yummy!
  • Pool


  • Library visit — Picked up some Pokemon comics and a movie for tonight, 9.
  • Pool day
  • Little Caesars — As I wasn’t feeling so great today, I caved and we went and picked up Little Caesars.  The boys’ favorite pizza.  At $5 a pizza, it’s definitely in the budget.


  • Pool
  • Mythbusters
  • Pick up J at airport

Starting goals:

  • Getting a library card (for the boys) and weekly trips √
  • Sky High  √
  • Great America √
  • Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco √
  • Alcatraz
  • Scavenger hunt/photo scavenger hunt √
  • San Jose Giants baseball game
  • Beach trip √
  • Exploratorium in San Francisco
  • Summer camps  √
  • Most likely daily pool visits √
  • Get together with an old friend and her kids
  • Possible bike rides

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